International Autism Awareness Day Observed By VGS

International Autism Awareness Day Observed By VGS

Esteem Soft   03 April 2017   Last Updated : 02:50 PM 31 May 2017

2nd of April, internationally Autism Awareness Day is being observed every year. In Bangladesh this day is being observed with great significance. Bangladesh Government along with lot of social organizations carry out a number of activities considering the importance of this day.

Vision Global School, an English medium school which gives the opportunities to those special students along with regular students to have their education as their basic rights. To observe this day Vision Global School has taken a number of initiatives to ensure the significance of this day and to create awareness among the student, teachers and parents. Our students are engaged in art competition, cultural program, wall magazine, photo exhibition and many more activities to celebrate this day.

The messages from Principal and Vice Principal of Vision Global School regarding this day enrich the significance and importance of this day by promising to ensure each and every support for the autistic childres of Bangladesh. These kids are not a burden for the parents or the nation but a valuable asset which can be utilize in the proper manner by ensuring proper care for them.

To conclude, as a human being it is duty to support and help this kids rather than neglecting.

Last Updated : 02:50 PM 31 May 2017