Important Notice Regarding Traffic Rules

Important Notice Regarding Traffic Rules

Raihanul Haque Rohan   27 June 2022  

Dear Parents,

Greetings from VGS !! We seek your kind co-operation in reducing traffic problems to facilitate the swift arrival and dispersal of students.

  • You are requested to kindly advise your driver to follow “ONE WAY ROAD” from West to East (enter from rd 9 to rd 10) for both pick up and drop off during the school hours.
  • No vehicle will be allowed to go through East to West of the road during arrival and dispersal times.
  • Students will sit on the left side of the car with the school bag behind the driver’s seat for quick drop off so that the vehicle can move immediately.
  • Parents or driver should not get down for escorting the students. Let the students carry his /her own bag and belongings.
  • If required school security personnel will assist the students for this purpose.
  • Guardian/driver must not shout, quarrel or misbehave with the guard.
  •  Any problem or issue should be reported to the school office through phone or in writing.
  • No parking will be allowed on the South and North side of the road adjacent to the school.

Nobody is above the rules and regulations and we all as parent and school have to instill the right values in our students to make them law abiding citizens of this nation. So please extend your full co-operation in this regard.

Best Wishes


Last Updated : 11:55 AM 27 June 2022