Raihanul Haque Rohan   27 July 2022  

We are delighted to inform you that VGS, is going to observe “GREEN WORLD” on Sunday, 31, July 2022 with the slogan ‘GO GREEN’.

‘GO GREEN’ means to conserve energy, reduce pollution by not cutting trees and growing plants. We must keep planting saplings around the year in our complexes (house, School, Office, etc.) to maintain green cover of the country. Another benefit of “GO GREEN” is the good impact it can have on our health. From the food we eat to the air we breathe, growing green can help us a maintain healthy envoirment and improve our quality of life.

So, each student of VGS must bring a plant in a pot to school by Thursday, 28th July which they themselves will look after throughout the year to meet the object of the slogan “GO GREEN” and understand the value of it. The best plant owner will be awarded and given additional marks in the extracurricular activities.

Your active co-operation in this matter will be highly appreciated.



Last Updated : 09:22 AM 28 July 2022