Wearing proper School uniform

Wearing proper School uniform

Raihanul Haque Rohan   28 July 2022  

Dear Parents/Gurdians,                                                                                                                                          

Please note that it has been observed that some of the students are not wearing proper School Uniform. If any student found not attired in proper Uniform or with an untidy and unacceptable appearance will be denied entry into the school premises from August 1st 2022.

Students must enter the school premises by 8:25am and attend the assembly at 8:30am. If any student reach the school after 8:30am will be standing outside the gate and if he/she is late for 3days at a stretch will be sent back home.

Mobile phones or any kind electronic devices are not allowed in school.

Please note that, strict disciplinary action will be taken for violating school rules and regulations.


School Uniform on Sunday and Thursday (PG-Sr.KG)

Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday (class1 – O level)

  1. Clean white shirt with school logo on the pocket.
  2. Deep brown tie
  3. Deep brown pants
  4. Clean and polished black shoe with white socks


Sports attire on PEdays- Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (PG-Sr.KG)

Sunday and Thursday (Class:1 to O level)

  1. White sports T-shirt with school logo on the pocket
  2. Sports deep brown trousers.
  3. Clean white sports shoes with white socks.


Thanks for your Co-Operation

Last Updated : 03:14 PM 31 July 2022